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The Difference Between Car Detailing and Car Wash

The Difference Between Car Detailing and Car Wash


Car detailing is a more thorough, in-depth, version of a regular car wash. A car detail is not only focused on cleaning the car but also reconditioning and occasionally restoration, such as light cosmetic work. The difference between a car wash and a car detail is unrecognizable. While tunnel car washes are faster and cheaper than a detail, a total detail will clean and recondition your car to showroom quality. 

The exterior of your car is more delicate than you might think. The car’s paint and coating can be easily scratched and chipped. Often after a tunnel car wash swirl marks appear on the sides of a car. These are micro-scratches caused by the abrasive power brushes and harsh rags used to wipe down a car as it exits the tunnel. 


Professional auto detailers usually take the cars care and longevity into further consideration when working on a car. At  Detail Xpert Studio we do our best to recondition and restore the paint color of your car and remove imperfections.


The difference between an interior wash at a typical tunnel car wash and an interior detail and Perfection Auto Detail.


 While a simple clean from a typical car wash can often help the appearance of your car it seems that many areas of the car are often overlooked with a “quick wipe-down” clean. With a true auto detail, no feature of the car is overlooked. 


Every corner and every crevice are left spotless. With a true detail not only is every part of the car cleaned but solutions are often added to protect and recondition the car. A regular car wash often only vacuums down seats, floors, and mats. Whereas, a detail will vacuum and shampoo to take out stains and odors.

While a regular car wash can be good in a pinch and provides a cheaper fast alternative to a full detail some might consider the added benefits of a total car detail worth spending a little extra money on. At Detail Xpert Studio our highly trained team of detail technicians spends hours making sure every spec of dirt, dust, and debris is out of your car and that your vehicle is protected for the road ahead.